Photography Friday

New series I am starting, going to try and keep it as regular as possible. Going to be posting reviews, unboxings etc of cameras and also some documentaries on all things relating to photography. Hope you enjoy it, and remember to leave the post a like and give it a share. Thanks 🙂

I am not aphotographer, but…

I was downstairs checking on my cat and dog, the weather is cold, winds are extreme and the rain constant. While standing under my balcony with my cat I responded to a friends text with an image of what I was doing. At first the image didn’t seem too significant at first, but upon later review I found the composition intriguing, and the contrast between warm and cool interesting and the dimmed light was just right.

I am not a photographer, but…


A little visit to the AGNSW

Whilst in Sydney I figured that I would see what was happening at the Art Gallery of NSW. There was the usual permanent exhibitions which are always enjoyable. I also managed to check out a contemporary photographic and digital media exhibition about love, relationships, loneliness and sex. I will be refraining from documenting work in the exhibition, mainluly because it is fround upon but also because it ruins the exhibition for those who want to go see it.


I also managed to see a grouping of photographic works by Helmut Newton, and Bettina Rheims. Definitely worth seeing,  themes and subjects positioning the work between the worlds of fine art and fashion photography.