Making videos

I have been considering making Vlogs or Video blogs and commentaries on my art and practice and uploading them onto YouTube. Making commentaries about my own practice and the practice of other artists, contemporary and otherwise, discussing exhibitions that I have seen or intend to see, a myriad of topics to do with art and the art world. At first they will be pretty poor quality, as I am planning on using my phone camera to record the videos and they may be jumpy and somewhat out of focus, but I just thought that it would be worth putting my idea out there.

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Painting for an exhibition

In the next couple of weeks I will be exhibiting alongside six other artists at Studio 19, Central Chambers Wollongong City Mall, NSW Australia. For this group exhibition we all decided to work under an overall theme and title; question:make:connect. We are creating work in response to a question we want to answer with our work, whether it be something political, personal, profound or in relation to the process of creating a work.

I am questioning the process of abstraction in my work. Responding to the world around me and my thoughts and feelings and composing them onto a 2-D surface of canvas and board. The connecting part of the show is how we connect our work back to the question and also how our work connects as a group. We don’t aim to make literal connections, for example: we all painted landscapes or sculpted figures. But small connections like working on similar grounds i.e paper, canvas, board, cloth. Materials that are all fragile, holding work that is soft spoken and contemplative, yet is still strong enough to please the aesthetic eye
and quench the conceptual thirst.

Once the show is up I will make another post with pictures of everyones work. Until then I will leave you with a image of one of my works.