D Hooks and Picture Hanging

Just purchased some D Hooks so that I can hang my framed works and works on canvas a lot easier, the only disappointing thing was the cost for delivery which was almost as much as the hooks themselves (100 pcs), I was disappointed that there was no option for standard international delivery, the only option was first class. However looking at the prices and quantities of hooks from retail outlets, I found that I still had a better bang for my buck by purchasing them off ebay.




Framing some recent work

I have mentioned before what a few simple frames can do to “lift” a work. The frame somehow brings out more from the work, it gives it a higher and more pronounced presence. Not going to get too in depth in this post, just felt like sharing the beauty of what a few simple frames can do to help bring out the best in your work.Image




Question Make Connect: Making an exhibtion



The exhibition has now come to a close, however it was one the most amazing experiences of my life thus far. Participating in and helping organise, hang and installing exhibitions within the University art school is a different experience, you have a larger support network and a larger quantity of experienced people to help guide you along the way. Also co-curating and co-organising an exhibition such as this was an entirely new experience, amassing your own funds along with the funds of the other exhibitors to pay for the space and to also pay for the catering and drinks on the opening night as well as other additional costs. The  exhibition itself was born out of a collective discussion on how we might produce and exhibition where the work was investigating or questioning something and also how the work of each individual would connect to everyone else’s work. We made aesthetic and conceptual connections between our work, overall each work, whatever it was addressing was quiet, and contemplative, suited to an audience who enjoy engaging with works of art for a longer period of time rather than quickly observing and moving on. Each work asked the viewer to spend more time with it. Also the inclusion of an artists statement broke down the barrier for the viewer by giving them a brief explanation about the work and its intentions and concept. I will leave the description as it is, brief, because as you can imagine I could write an essay several thousand words long on this exhibition and the work within it, so enjoy the pictures from the opening night as well as the images of the artists work.


Ink on paper 2.0

I recently embarked on creating a new series of work, a series of ink drawings/paintings on paper. I felt that I needed to step up my creative process by incorporating some colour. But not for the sake of doing something different. I have tried to push my work, make it more interesting, more active and engaging. The images below are a sampling of what I have managed to put together. Using the same process as I did in the previous ink drawings, however, I have been forced to reconsider the properties of the mediums I have been using. Ink and watercolour, although they are similar; both being water based, they both have a series of varying properties. When mixing ink with water it comes quite close to being like water colour. When creating a work with different mediums, both fluid, you have to consider the process carefully. It can become very easy to end up with a muddy mess of pigment on paper, which is what happened with a few drawings, however they are not a waste, but a lesson on what not to do. So I hope you have enjoyed the progress of my work so far and I hope you continue to do so.

UOW FCA Nude Auction Fundraiser 2012

As apart of our fundraising for the 2012 Graduation Show, the students of the Faculty of Creative arts at the University of Wollongong have organised the 2012 Nude Auction. A collection of photographs, paintings, sculpture and works on paper, with the theme of the nude as their subject matter. Works were donated by current and past students, teachers past and current and also several notable artists with local and national acclaim. The installation of the show was a tedious process, however it was a learning process and good experience working with fellow students with varying levels of hanging and installation experience. A majority of our works were professionally framed to provide a unified install aesthetic, as can be seen in the photos below. All in all, we managed to raise approximately $5000 to go towards our Graduation show “Paper Planes”, the funds going to the production of our catalogue, catering and other associated costs.


We also managed to sell a majority of works that were up for auction, all but four works sold, the unsold will be up for auction in our up and coming auction/exhibition “Abund-Art”. I hope you all enjoy the pictures I have posted. Oh and I forgot to mention, that I also purchased a work myself, quite proud of it as well, it was by notable local artist Paul Ryan, to quote one of my teachers “You got it for a steal!.” A Very nice way to start off my collection of contemporary art.

Framing Works on Paper

I have recently invested in some rather cheap frames, readily available from just about any value or variety shop. They aren’t of the best quality, however, if you’re a young and or emerging artist, chances are that you are low on funds. These value frames are an affordable way to make your work on paper look very professional. Having framed examples of your work is great, just in case you need to submit work to a show or prize on short notice, and also if you have the work in your studio and home it is always a great talking piece for when you have guests and prospective buyers around. Alternatively you can pay an arm and a leg for professional framing which is also well worth it, however if you are like me and low on available funds, though require work that is presentable, then the less expensive frames are the way to go. I have included some examples of the frames I have purchased. I will definitely be paying another visit to my local variety store.


Drawing of my lost Sculpture 2007, pen and ink on paper.

Glamour 2006, from edition of 6, aqua-tint etchings.


Compositions 2012, ink on paper.