D Hooks and Picture Hanging

Just purchased some D Hooks so that I can hang my framed works and works on canvas a lot easier, the only disappointing thing was the cost for delivery which was almost as much as the hooks themselves (100 pcs), I was disappointed that there was no option for standard international delivery, the only option was first class. However looking at the prices and quantities of hooks from retail outlets, I found that I still had a better bang for my buck by purchasing them off ebay.




Framing some recent work

I have mentioned before what a few simple frames can do to “lift” a work. The frame somehow brings out more from the work, it gives it a higher and more pronounced presence. Not going to get too in depth in this post, just felt like sharing the beauty of what a few simple frames can do to help bring out the best in your work.Image




Firing On All Cylinders

ev (1)

This is my third group show in almost as many months. After I had finished University last year and graduated, I had said to myself that I would aim for several shows, group and solo and at least one show in a Sydney gallery. Well I managed to accomplish most of those goals, with a solo show on the way later in the year. This current show which I am exhibiting in is a group show, showcasing the work of the newly elected management committee of the Project Contemporary Art space in Wollongong. The gallery was under threat of being closed down for good, so a new group of individuals came together to save the space so that there would be a place for contemporary art to be exhibited and sold in the Illawarra.

I also co-curated the show along side fellow artist Damian Bancks. The curatorial thinking was to show each artists work on their own, rather than mixing the works together, which could have also worked and would have made for an extremely interesting and wonderful show, however, we felt it necessary to show each artist work by giving them a decent amount of wall space each, followed by a smaller wall being occupied by a series of bio’s which informed everyone a little about who they were and of their practice. It is always a triumph when an artist sells there work, it means that their hard work and dedication has quite literally paid off, I’m not afraid to say that the creative arts industry is a hard one to break into and become a success; being able to live solely by selling your work. I have sold works in the past, but this was the first time I had sold work before the show opened and also sold multiple works on the opening night. I cannot begin to describe the joy that this brought me, the feeling of success. Firstly I paint and create art for myself, however the act of exhibiting is a way of putting out the thing you have created to be seen, critiqued and enjoyed by an audience. And you won’t always receive the best feedback, but that’s all apart of the creative process. Selling works gives you the sense that you have achieved something, that you were successful in creating something that caught the attention and admiration of someone, the work resonated with them for whatever reason.

Being still relatively young most would say that I have a very long way to go in the world of art, as an artist and as an exhibitor and even as a person in general. It’s moments like this that seem to make it all seem worthwhile, you know that you have had a hard road to traverse and will undoubtedly continue to experience a plethora of hardships, especially in this day and age where art has to compete more than ever against new age forms of entertainment; some newer than others. However hard the road is, it’s always worth the journey. And even though I like to think that my journey started seven years ago when I first walked in my first life drawing class while I was at TAFE art school, I see this moment as a milestone along the path to greatness and success.

Enjoy the pics from the opening night along with some images of some of the work I am exhibiting  an get along to see the show if you’re in the Wollongong area before the 21st of April. And please take the time to visit and like my artists page on Facebook, plenty of content on there (link below)



Pulp Piction – Newtown Hub Gallery

Well I finally did it, got myself into a gallery in Sydney. Even though it isn’t an almight commercial space with an influential art dealer who could promise me big sales and great fame and wealth. Exhibiting in Sydney was a goal of mine, and I acheived that just a couple of months after graduating from University. After an interesting experience submitting my work last week I attended the opening night. Some great work by several other artists, in a great space on Enmore Road in one of Sydney’s art precincts, Newtown. The show was great, the live entertainment was awesome too. A chilled out creative environment with like minded people coming together to exhibit and see visual art in all its glory.

Overall it was a great experience, and a great feeling acheiving a goal that I had set for myself. Enjoy the pics and if you can get along to the Newtown Hub Gallery, 22 Enmore Road, Newtown, Sydney, N.S.W.









Question Make Connect: Making an exhibtion



The exhibition has now come to a close, however it was one the most amazing experiences of my life thus far. Participating in and helping organise, hang and installing exhibitions within the University art school is a different experience, you have a larger support network and a larger quantity of experienced people to help guide you along the way. Also co-curating and co-organising an exhibition such as this was an entirely new experience, amassing your own funds along with the funds of the other exhibitors to pay for the space and to also pay for the catering and drinks on the opening night as well as other additional costs. The  exhibition itself was born out of a collective discussion on how we might produce and exhibition where the work was investigating or questioning something and also how the work of each individual would connect to everyone else’s work. We made aesthetic and conceptual connections between our work, overall each work, whatever it was addressing was quiet, and contemplative, suited to an audience who enjoy engaging with works of art for a longer period of time rather than quickly observing and moving on. Each work asked the viewer to spend more time with it. Also the inclusion of an artists statement broke down the barrier for the viewer by giving them a brief explanation about the work and its intentions and concept. I will leave the description as it is, brief, because as you can imagine I could write an essay several thousand words long on this exhibition and the work within it, so enjoy the pictures from the opening night as well as the images of the artists work.


Dobell Prize For Drawing 2012

It has been a while since I have blogged. I have been occupied with a lot of things as of late, however, I felt that I needed to take the time to make a post about the Dobell Prize for Drawing at the Art Gallery of NSW Sydney. The Dobell prize was established in honour of the Australian artist William Dobell. The prize itself focuses on works that are defined as drawings, this definition is always pushed further and further each year, with more and more works incorporating numerous mediums in their creation. The prize money is impressive, the winner receiving $30,000 and have their work acquired by the gallery. Many works use mediums that aren’t usually associated with drawing; watercolour, acrylic and also drawing onto surfaces that are usually used as grounds for painting on, like wood panels. This years prize was full of beautiful work, examples of which are attached to this post. And I must apologise upfront, I completely forgot to document the artists names and the titles of the works. I was just so overwhelmed by the work itself. Though I do strongly encourage everyone to go and see the prize while it is still up, the best part about it, besides the work is the fact that it is for free! That’s right, for free! You get to see an entire show of contemporary drawing without paying an admission fee.


The prize is on until February 13th, so get along to the Art Gallery of NSW Sydney before then and experience some great contemporary drawing.

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Abund-Art 2012

As apart of our up and coming Graduation show, the students of the Faculty of Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong have organised Abund-Art. This exhibition/art auction will be a means of raising funds to go towards our graduating show. Each student has submitted several works, we also have work that has been donated by our teachers and a number of established artists that have donated there works for sale. This show, much like the nude auction, allows students to not only exhibit their work and have it seen, but it also provides those students who have little or no exhibition experience with the experience they need to hang shows of their own and pursue careers in the Creative Arts Industries. The idea for Abund-Art came about as an idea to have a show, a show of abundance, hence Abund-Art. A packed out show with dozens of work up for grabs for the right bid. The auction will take place on 14th October at Gallery 5: Crown Lane in Wollongong, NSW from 1pm onwards. For those who cannot make the actual auction, do not despair, we will have a silent bidding box available in the gallery space for the duration of the exhibition. The idea of the silent bid box is for people who cannot be present at the auction to bid on any work that they are interested in, while also allowing those people who don’t feel up to competing openly for works of art to place a bid, well over the reserve price, to give them a fighting chance to get they work they so desire. All you have to do is place your name, phone number and email on the slip provided, along with the number and title of the work and the name of artist as well as your bid price and put the paper into the box provided.

One of the best features of this exhibition is that there was no set theme, the works up for auction are created by different artists, based on different themes and motifs and they are created through different media. We have a variety of drawings, water colours, oil on board and canvas, photography, print making and even sculpture. This appeals to a wider audience. So I recommend that you get down to Gallery 5 on the auction day and start bidding, alternatively you can  make a silent bid prior to the auction for your chance to own a unique work of art. I hope that you enjoy the install pics below and take notice of the event poster that I have added; thanks to our design students, and standby for some additional images of the auction itself.

Ink on paper 2.0

I recently embarked on creating a new series of work, a series of ink drawings/paintings on paper. I felt that I needed to step up my creative process by incorporating some colour. But not for the sake of doing something different. I have tried to push my work, make it more interesting, more active and engaging. The images below are a sampling of what I have managed to put together. Using the same process as I did in the previous ink drawings, however, I have been forced to reconsider the properties of the mediums I have been using. Ink and watercolour, although they are similar; both being water based, they both have a series of varying properties. When mixing ink with water it comes quite close to being like water colour. When creating a work with different mediums, both fluid, you have to consider the process carefully. It can become very easy to end up with a muddy mess of pigment on paper, which is what happened with a few drawings, however they are not a waste, but a lesson on what not to do. So I hope you have enjoyed the progress of my work so far and I hope you continue to do so.

UOW FCA Nude Auction Fundraiser 2012

As apart of our fundraising for the 2012 Graduation Show, the students of the Faculty of Creative arts at the University of Wollongong have organised the 2012 Nude Auction. A collection of photographs, paintings, sculpture and works on paper, with the theme of the nude as their subject matter. Works were donated by current and past students, teachers past and current and also several notable artists with local and national acclaim. The installation of the show was a tedious process, however it was a learning process and good experience working with fellow students with varying levels of hanging and installation experience. A majority of our works were professionally framed to provide a unified install aesthetic, as can be seen in the photos below. All in all, we managed to raise approximately $5000 to go towards our Graduation show “Paper Planes”, the funds going to the production of our catalogue, catering and other associated costs.


We also managed to sell a majority of works that were up for auction, all but four works sold, the unsold will be up for auction in our up and coming auction/exhibition “Abund-Art”. I hope you all enjoy the pictures I have posted. Oh and I forgot to mention, that I also purchased a work myself, quite proud of it as well, it was by notable local artist Paul Ryan, to quote one of my teachers “You got it for a steal!.” A Very nice way to start off my collection of contemporary art.

Ink on paper

I recently made a post about how I came across some discounted frames that really seemed to lift the quality and appearance of my work. This post is a follow up on what I posted about recently. The work I am posting here are a series of ink on paper works that have been developing over time. The process contains several parts, often taking several days to complete; due to drying time. Even though ink dries relatively quickly it is quite easy to end up with a dark mess on paper. So rather than painting and drawing onto the paper continuously I start off with a watered down wash, where I mix about 1/4 parts ink with 3/4; or there about, it’s not always an exact science and I often feel my way through. Then I use a variety of ink and water colour  brushes to establish a think, washy layer on the paper.


After this thin wash has dried I come back with full ink and begin to apply it to the surface of the paper with brush, quill and just about any other drawing material available in the studio; even using sticks and twigs can really create some interesting marks. Then I come back while the ink is still wet and apply some diluted ink onto the paper, creating a blurring effect, often seen in water colour, though I try not to do this all over, as it can result in a completely washed out appearance and wrecks the work.

Before framing the work I begin the process of visually editing what I have before me. Using the cut out mat I find the most interesting areas of the work and then I cut this out of the larger composition. Creating a new visual context, taking a part of a larger work, sometimes created by chance; when I flick and throw ink onto the paper, and editing it in a way that the work retains it’s integrity and develops a whole new life and identity once it has been framed up and is ready to hang. I will now leave you with some more images of my work