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If you haven’t already go and check out my Facebook page, a majority of my work and content is posted there. Just follow the link below. I post regular updates of my work and the work of other artists and goings on in the art world.


ImageTodd Hunter, “Who’s that riding”, 2012, Oil on canvas, 140 x 134 cm.

Strokes of Genius: De Kooning On De Kooning

Volume 3 in the six-part Strokes of Genius series featured on PBS in 1984. Introduction by Dustin Hoffman from the studio of Willem de Kooning.

I claim no copyright or permission. I am just sharing an educational clip I found on YouTube.

Artists Page on Facebook

This being one of my very first posts on this page I would like to take this opportunity to share one of my other social media outlets. My Facebook page has been my sole blog and website where I have been sharing elements of my own practice and also sharing sources and materials that have helped me in my own practice or have been of general interest to me. Even though I have created this page, I will not delete my Facebook page, and I would appreciate it if every follower on WordPress would visit the link and like my page. Also there is a link to my page in the sidebar above, as well as a link to my Twitter account.