A little visit to the AGNSW

Whilst in Sydney I figured that I would see what was happening at the Art Gallery of NSW. There was the usual permanent exhibitions which are always enjoyable. I also managed to check out a contemporary photographic and digital media exhibition about love, relationships, loneliness and sex. I will be refraining from documenting work in the exhibition, mainluly because it is fround upon but also because it ruins the exhibition for those who want to go see it.


I also managed to see a grouping of photographic works by Helmut Newton, and Bettina Rheims. Definitely worth seeing,  themes and subjects positioning the work between the worlds of fine art and fashion photography.


Newtow Hub Gallery Experience

Well that was an experience. Wandered into a darkened gallery space in Newtown to the welcome of a short Argentinian man called Andreas who didn’t know what was going on with the exhibition so he told me to call who I assumed was his wife and gallery director, Anita. She answered and we couldn’t understand each other so she told me to put Andreas back on, and after much heated Spanish and many ci’s and buenos I was told that I could leave my work with them and it would be exhibited. I guess that this experience will be one of the stories told for years to come. I just thought that it was an experience worth sharing.