UOW FCA Nude Auction Fundraiser 2012

As apart of our fundraising for the 2012 Graduation Show, the students of the Faculty of Creative arts at the University of Wollongong have organised the 2012 Nude Auction. A collection of photographs, paintings, sculpture and works on paper, with the theme of the nude as their subject matter. Works were donated by current and past students, teachers past and current and also several notable artists with local and national acclaim. The installation of the show was a tedious process, however it was a learning process and good experience working with fellow students with varying levels of hanging and installation experience. A majority of our works were professionally framed to provide a unified install aesthetic, as can be seen in the photos below. All in all, we managed to raise approximately $5000 to go towards our Graduation show “Paper Planes”, the funds going to the production of our catalogue, catering and other associated costs.


We also managed to sell a majority of works that were up for auction, all but four works sold, the unsold will be up for auction in our up and coming auction/exhibition “Abund-Art”. I hope you all enjoy the pictures I have posted. Oh and I forgot to mention, that I also purchased a work myself, quite proud of it as well, it was by notable local artist Paul Ryan, to quote one of my teachers “You got it for a steal!.” A Very nice way to start off my collection of contemporary art.