Surrealist Tendencies

This being my tenth blog post on WordPress, I felt that it was a ground breaking moment, and I felt as though I needed to share something quite extraordinary. Searching through the web-app StumbleUpon I came across this artist on another blog. Some beautifully executed paintings. A high degree of technical skill. Vladimir Kush is an artist whose work you often find on image sharing sites, however, there never seems to be any proper accreditation. This time I am glad that his work has been properly acknowledged, though there is not a lot of information on him on the blog linked below. However, I was able to find the artists official site (second link shared below), where there is a great deal more information on the artist along with a larger range of reproductions of his work. The artist obviously takes his cue from Salvador Dali, though he does not simply appropriate the father of surrealism, he uses the surrealist language to create a new pictorial dialogue. His work speaks volumes about the human subconscious and the realm of dreaming, often blurring what is real and what is surreal.